WonderInn Hotel Room

The hotel room is perfect for short-term rental, or as an additional annex to the cabin or in the garden. The cabin consists of 3 walls of mirrored windows that reflect the surroundings and give a feeling of being outside, even if you are inside! The cabin comes with a built-in kitchenette, as well as… Continue reading WonderInn Hotel Room

WonderInn Studio

The studio is an open-space solution where only your imagination sets the limits! It can be used for accommodation when the facilities are outside, or as an office, yoga studio, showroom, meeting room, or something else entirely! Open solution without running water Perfect as a yoga studio, office, showroom, etc. 120-day delivery time

WonderInn Saunas

Are you looking for a unique and beautiful sauna that offers a panoramic view? We have three sizes, all of which come with beautiful benches in Magnolia wood, and a structure to withstand high temperatures and humidity. The two largest models can come with or without a shower/bathroom. The sauna comes in the following sizes:… Continue reading WonderInn Saunas

WonderInn Mini Office

The small office is an alternative if you only want a small room for you and your ideas. The mini-office can also be used for accommodation if the guests only need a place to sleep without much else inside, and have other facilities outside. Delivered turnkey Perfect as an office and for small spaces Delivery… Continue reading WonderInn Mini Office

WonderInn Panorama Cabin

Panorama Cabin is designed to give you the very best view – right from your bed! Not only are you surrounded by windows horizontally; the roof is made of glass and gives you the whole starry sky from the comfort of your bed. Perfect for the Arctic Circle, with the possibility of seeing the Northern… Continue reading WonderInn Panorama Cabin

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